JP & Cami

We first heard about Coach Julie‘s social club through Facebook. We emailed her and she was very responsive and positive. Every time our son went, he always talked about the fun he had, his new friends and how much he enjoyed the music and the singing. We liked how enthusiastic and engaged Coach Julie & Christen are and how they allow each participant to be their authentic selves. No one is forced to do any activity if s/he is not comfortable. Our son is seen, heard and his individuality is embraced. Thank you for such a great and super dope outlet for our son and adding a piece of joy and supercharged excitement to his weeks bi-monthly. We are forever grateful.

Tom loved the social!

  I can't thank you enough! It's not often that a teacher/therapist/caregiver "gets him."  I truly appreciate your warmth and kindness. 

Debra & Tom


Thank you for an amazing 4weeks

Yes I would recommend this and let others know.

We loved the location and we love coach Julie's enthusiasm she brings a lot of positive energy. 

We will be back.

Thank you so much 

You and your program have been a blessing to Wyatt 

Much love 

Jennifer and Wyatt 

Coach julie & JJ

1-on-1 Adaptive swim lesson


Coach Julie, or “E” as my son calls her, is our sons adaptive swim instructor. Our son isn’t one to trust easily and building a positive rapport with him takes time, patience and a lot of positive reinforcement. But not with Coach Julie, from the first moment he had quickly identified her purely positive energy, and was hand-in-hand with her off for a swim. He looks forward to his time in the pool with his favorite coach! Seeing him learn a skill and lifelong hobby with someone he adores has been super fun to watch. I can be found poolside with a big cheesy smile on my face. Thank you for teaching our guy to swim like a fish!

You are a blessing to special needs parents. We need more people like Coach “E”’s in the world!

Sending our love.

JJ and Heather